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A group of Awesome Geeks who go all crazy on the podcast about Toys, Comics, Games, Movies, TV and everything else geeky. 

We geek out with creators in the Comic, Toy, Game and Film industries. Learn about their process and find out what they geek out about!

Super Awesome Geek Show

Up From the Archive: Episode 092 - Toy Talk with Mark Bellomo

John Adams

Watching Mark Bellomo on Netflix's "The Toys That Made Us" reminds us of the time Mark was a guest on the podcast. So, we thought we would bring this one back up from the archive and give those that missed it another chance at listening to this awesome toy talk with the king of toys!
It's an awesome tip down memory lane as Mark joins the Super Awesome Geek Show crew talking about the toys that really did make us who we are.
And, be sure to catch Mark on Netflix in "The Toys That Made Us".

Episode 122: Scramble City in the Twilight Zone

John Adams

Happy Near Year! We're back for 2018.
Today we get caught in the Twilight Zone, have to use a rusty chain on some demon zombies, visit Scramble City and use Batman as a weapon against Pinhead. Yes, Batman is now a valid melee weapon in the eSports Overwatch League.

Super Awesome Geek Show 120: Star Wars The Last Jedi *SPOILER WARNING*

John Adams

|We talk Star Wars The Last Jedi with special guest, Woody! Along with Woody, Mad, Christina, Mike and John get deep into Star Wars The Last Jedi -their thoughts, breakdowns, ideas, reviews and hopes for the future. This is very spoiler heavy after the first few minutes, so beware.
We also give away the Funko PoP! Trash Compactor Escape Movie Moments scene ... to Woody (which is partially why he joined us tonight).
So sit back, relax and close your eyes. Stretch out with your feelings. Let The Force flow through you and we hope you enjoy this episode :-) ...
then go watch The Last Jedi again ...

Super Awesome Geek Show Episode 119: The 10 Days To Star Wars Contest

John Adams

John, The Vintage Geek, takes you through our rules for the 10 Days To Star Wars Contest on Twitter. How to enter. How to participate. What you can win. Everything you need to know to have fun with us posting pictures to Twitter on the 10 days to Star Wars countdown!

Full Rules Below:
1. We have a Funko Star Wars PoP! Scene - The Trash Compactor Escape, to give away free as a prize for this contest.
2. One (1) - yes ONE lucky winner will be selected to get this awesome prize. That winner will be randomly selected from all entries. Only One Winner. Yes, ONE!
3. US only. No international entries, please. This is a large item and the shipping is a lot, and unfortunately we cannot afford to send this overseas, so yes, sorry, but US only on this contest. Domestic shipping only. NO International Entries will be counted in the random drawing for this Funko PoP! scene.
4. To enter just post a picture on Twitter any day of the 10 days leading up to Star Wars: The Last Jedi following one of our posted themes of the day. You can post one day or all 10 days, that's totally up to you. Posting one day gets you entered in the random drawing for the Funko PoP! scene.
5. Be sure to do #10DaysToStarWarsContest on Twitter so you will be counted as a participant in this contest and get your name in the random drawing.
6. The drawing will be held when we record our episode on Dec. 17th. So this contest ends at 5pm EST US time on Dec. 17th, 2017.
7. This contest is only on Twitter. Entries on other social media platforms do not count. Twitter ONLY.
8. Nothing vulgar, please. Just have fun and keep in clean, people :-) heheh.
9. May The Force Be With You .. Always.
10. Keep it geeky out there, everyone. :-)

Super Awesome Geek Show #118: In Hyperspace with Philip Anthony-Rodriguez

John Adams

The Fifth Brother is here!

On this episode, we enter Hyperspace with actor, Philip Anthony-Rodriguez!
John, Christina & Mike talk with Philip on Star Wars Rebels, The Orville, Grimm, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Video Games & more!
Philip is an incredible guy & so much fun to chat with. He has been in everything from video games & cartoons to television & films. He truly loves the science fiction genre & is a big fan of it's fans. heheh.

So come along on this amazing & geeky trip through the cosmos! So Awesome!


Super Awesome Geek Show Episode 117: A Stranger Things Halloween

John Adams

John and Christina celebrate Halloween!
Favorite candy, costumes and scary movies and TV, oh my! The talk Stranger Things, Jaws and, of course, Star Wars.
What is your favorite candy? What do you give away for treats? What costume will you wear this year? Any favorite films to watch on Halloween?
This dynamic duo has a lot of fun talking all things Hallow's Eve! Be sure to send pictures to twitter @AwesomeGeekShow and let everyone share in the Halloween fun this year!

Happy Halloween!!!

Super Awesome Geek Show #115: Looking For Leia and Hiccup Remedies

John Adams

Force Friday II was just this past weekend and this time it's all about Star Wars! We have Annalise Ophelian as a special guest today talking to us about her new Star Wars documentary, "Looking For Leia"!!! The film about the women of Star Wars and what these characters mean to women and girls all over the place! 
We totally geek out Star Wars and pretty much nothing but Star Wars on this amazing episode. She lets us in on how she came up with this awesome idea for a film, as well as her creative process in developing this idea. It's Women In Star Wars and this is Annalise Ophelian!
What do the women of Star Wars mean to you?
How do you relate to these amazing characters in the Star Wars universe?
Listen to this super awesome episode and let us know in comments below or on Twitter @AwesomeGeekShow!

Looking For Leia
Twitter @LeiaFangirlFilm
Looking For Leia Website 
Annalise Twitter


The Super Awesome Geek Show Episode 114: Thrawn vs Jay Sandlin #WhoWouldWin!?

John Adams

#WhoWouldWin --Grand Admiral Thrawn or Author Jay Sandlin!?
Yes, the amazing Jay Sandlin, author and co-host of #WhoWouldWin podcast and twitter joins us to talk all things comics .. and vampires ... and sci-fi ... and ... and ...
Would Chewbacca win a debate against GROOT!? Who should Deadpool fight that he hasn't already? Would BB-8 vs H.E.R.B.I.E. be a fair match for Battle-Bots!?

We discuss it all on this exciting episode of The Super Awesome Geek Show with special guest Jay Sandlin. This one is just so much FUN!!!

Geeks WorldWide

Super Awesome Geek Show #112: Spider-Man Comes Home with a Star Wars Destiny

John Adams

It's episode 112 and today we have Woody, a twitter follower, joining Rob and John to geek out about "Star Wars: Forces of Destiny", "Spider-Man Homecoming", "Castlevania" and all of the other wonderful cartoons coming out soon -some of which are now previewing as 1-3 minute shorts on YouTube!
Then we geek out with some Magic The Gathering artists. So awesome!

Woodrow Hull
Twitter @woodysalaskan

Super Awesome Geek Show #111: Voltron Loses a Finger By Death-Gum In Anthem

John Adams

"Quick! Throw Voltron at him and drive away!"

This episode we mainly geek out about Michael G Munz's short story in the collection "Four Fantastical Ways to Lose Your Fingers" and Mad Bee's work on BioWare's "Anthem" game, then Voltron pops in, someone throws gum, cars crash, The Thundercats show up -ya know, the usual. heheh.

We also geek out about setting our G.I. Joe figures on fire, Christina's School report on The WWF, The Uncharted game series, Wynonna Earp, Stranger Things, Turtles and Transformers (how stupid Michael Bay is), Dick Tracy, Hot Wheels cars, LEGO and all those things that ya step on in the night that make you say "OW!".

Then, we find out what Rowdy Roddy Piper, Thomas Cook, Nolan North and Nate "Rock" Quarry geek out about.
It's an exciting episode and we hope you enjoy all this nonsense as much as we did talking about it!
--Yoda even shows up!

Michael G Munz:
Four Fantastical Ways to Lose Your Fingers
Michael's Twitter

Mad Bee:
EA / Frostbite / BioWARE's "Anthem" Game Trailer
Jon Warner - Game Director's "Anthem" presentation
Mad Bee's Twitter

Christina's Twitter

John (The Vintage Geek)'s Twitter

The Super Awesome Geek Show's Twitter @AwesomeGeekShow

Super Awesome Geek Show #110: Nerding Out w/ Sam on Geek Girl And Netflix!

John Adams

Today we're geeking out comics with Sam Johnson!
He writes a comic of his own creation very appropriately called "Geek Girl" and he's here to nerd out with your Vintage Geek about this fantastic new book!

We also get ourselves into a comicbook nerd-session talking about some of our favorites. Then we get into Netflix and some of the amazing shows on their network and zoom on into what coming up for the Marvel Netflix series of shows!
Jessica Jones!
Luke Cage!
Iron Fist!
... and now The Defenders!

... makes me want to go back and re-watch all these now! heheh.

GEEK GIRL comic:
On ComiXology
Geek Girl Comics .com
Sam's Twitter

At the end we bring back "Get Your Geek On At The Con" and geek out with some quick 3-5 minute interviews with Kurt Busiek, Alera Benetti, Chris Visions, Mateo Scalera and Ashley Eckstein! Find out what THEY geek out about!
It's all here, just for you, on the amazing - the incredible - the Super Awesome Geek Show!! heheh .. have fun gang and always remember to "Keep it Geeky out there, everyone!"

Super Awesome Geek Show #109: Zelda Dates On DragonFruit

John Adams

Special Guest, Orie, from the DragonFruit Geek Dating app joins us and we nerd out about more than just going on dorky dates.
Spiders are everywhere as we go nuts over Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Age of Empires and other classic video games (after we pause and go cry in a closet, of course). "Where Is Kid Icarus!"

Then, we generate some potions with Mr. Rigden's "Miraculous Potion Machine", delve into the realm of Twin Peaks, mess around with some SIMs, talk Wonder Woman and so much more!

It's a romping good time as Orie yells, "I AM A GUARDIAN KILLING MACHINE!"
Hope you have as much fun listening to this one as we all did recording it!

The DRAGONFruit Geek Dating app:

The "Miraculous Potion Machine":

The Super Awesome Geek Show #108: Wolverine & Rocket vs. Mother's Day

John Adams

HAPPY (belated - reeeeally belated) MOTHER'S DAY! (delay info below)

This time on the podcast, Christina talks about her Star Wars shopping experiences, Rob chats us up about his new Star wars T-Shirts through We Love Fine and your Vintage Geek thrills you with some silent films.
Christina cuts out early, leaving Rob & John to talk Hulk comics. The first appearances of Rocket and Wolverine!
Plus so much more ... It's all geek to me (but for you).

-- Sorry about the delay in putting this episode up, but we lost the ability to UpLoad, somehow. After weeks of complaining and 7 representatives & techs coming out, they finally realized the problem was on their end. So we're up again .. everything is under control .. situation normal .. we're all fine here now .. how are you?

SAGS "Up From The Archives": Mad Monster Show 2014 - Interviews

John Adams

A Super Awesome Geek Show special "Up From The Archives" episode, brought back to life! "The Living DeathPod" heheh.

Joe Moe generously gave us press access to "Mad Monster: Shadow Over Seattle" 2014, & many guests were gracious enough to give some of their time:

Rowdy Roddy Piper ("They Live" and WWE Superstar!)
Angus Scrimm (The Tall Man - Phantasm)
Chris Sarandon (Prince Humperdinck and Jack Skellington)
Wednesday 13 (Amazing Musician and Toy Collector -Who Knew!?)
Art Evans (Die Hard II -We have Lunch .. heheh)
E. A. Channon (Flesh of the Blood)
Max Reinhart (Skull Clown)
Don Thacker (Motivational Growth)
Monster Matt (Trick-or-Treat Studios and Rock Rebel)
The Nterloper - an Alien Warrior Comedian
Oh -and Doyle from The Misfits tried his best .. heheh.
& more!

The Super Awesome Geek Show Episode 107: The Podcast Strikes Back! "I'm Gna Eat You..."

John Adams

This is it! "The Podcast Strikes Back"
(or maybe "Revenge Of The Podcast" .. or We're Baa-aaack!")
nyways -We're fully functional, completely operational and ready to blow you up with geekiness!
We spend time on this episode celebrating our 2nd year anniversary by recapturing our excitement and geekery, finding out what each of us have been up to during the long, long, long hiatus (as your Vintage Producer moved from WA to FL).

It's time to put on make-up!
It's time to dress up right!
(don't know why, cause ya can't see us)
It's time to catch up with all your geeky friends!
On The Super Awesome Geek Show! - Yaaaaaaa!

(Jason Connelly's movie! ... ("They Reach")

Our YouTube: The Super Awesome Geek Show

YOUR GEEKY HOSTS (not ghosts):
Vintage Producer and Co-Founder: John Adams @The_VintageGeek
Author Blog Poster Lass (& Twitter helper): Christina Pryor @ChristinaPryor
"BioWare" Game Graphix Awesome Girl: Mad Bee @AngrySpaceBee
"We Love Fine" T-Shirt Guy & Artist: Rob Clifford @Cyrinnic
Man Without A Twitter (but we like him anyways): Jason Connelly (Act-or, like a He-Man toy)
Programmer Extraordinaire & Co-Founder of SAGS: Jason Rigden @Mr_Rigden
The Write Stuff; Author of "Zeus Is Dead" (and more!): Michael G. Munz @TheWriteMunz

Thanx for joining us, and again, we really appreciate you all putting up with our long hiatus as your producer and Vintage Geek (John Adams) moved from Seattle, WA to Ft. Lauderdale, FL and get his life back together ... a bit.
We'll be back 3 times/month with new content! Keep it here for more geeky-awesomeness to come!

The Super Awesome Geek Show 106: Welcome Back Minisode!

John Adams

Hi! We're back from the move and ready to go! This is just a quick update of what's to come and we'll be back later this week with new full episodes! Thank you listeners and supporters so very, very much for hanging in there while your Vintage Geek moved from WA state to Florida! We're back - Same Bat-Channel, Same Bat-Time!

Moving Hiatus - we'll be back late April/early May

John Adams

Hey fellow geeks - we know it's been a while for a new episode, but don't worry - we'll be back with new episodes after the move and our studio is set up again!  Keep it here for updates and check out the YouTube for travel vlogs and quick updates on where we are and what's going on with The Super Awesome Geek Show!

Thanx for your understanding while we move our base location from Seattle, WA to Ft. Lauderdale, FL.