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A group of Awesome Geeks who go all crazy on the podcast about Toys, Comics, Games, Movies, TV and everything else geeky. 

We geek out with creators in the Comic, Toy, Game and Film industries. Learn about their process and find out what they geek out about!

Super Awesome Stock Show Podcast

A short daily podcast on trading and investing with the stock market. I'm John, and together with my father, we I play around in the market each day. I use this brief podcast to go through a small portion of the what we looked at each morning after the US markets open and I'll talk about some of our picks for the day. This podcast in no way shape or form endorses or suggests any buys or sells. Please do not use this as advice, because it isn't designed to be advise. This is just a way for us to share our thoughts and you can do with that as you wish. Playing the stock market is very dangerous. Almost akin to gambling. You can (and sometimes will) lose a lot of money, so please do not take anything we say on this podcast as a recommendation, endorsement or as advice. Again, this is all just informative and in no way should be used to aid in any of your decisions regarding the market.

Episode 011: 04/05/18 A Loss -Do You Hold Out or Sell & Move On?

John Adams

Today we check out a huge loss that we had in our portfolio and ask the question; At what point do you sell out and reinvest? OR, do you stay with it and hope that a stock recovers? I talk about what our goals are and at what point do we just cut our losses and reinvest to make that loss into a gain somewhere else? Plus we go over all the stocks we will be looking at today and highlight one stock that has done well for us, even through the downturn in the market the last week or so.

Episode 007: 26 March 2018 - What Do We Do Now!?

John Adams

Friday was a real downer, so what do we do now!? Today may be a buy-back-in day.
For us, it is, yet it is also a day for us to question if some stocks we own will correct themselves within the time frame that we like to make money and take profits. It all depends on what your goals are for playing and trading in the markets. The question is: Do you want to make money each week to grow the account or are you looking to just invest for the long term. For short term traders, you may want to look at what to sell so you can put that money into quick re-bounders and catch the up-swings. For long term investing, you may just ride this out.

005: March 22, 2018 - What are our goals when trading?

John Adams

Hello and welcome to March 22, 2018.
What are our goals when trading?
Today we are talking goals. I'll let you in on what our targets are and when we take profits from trading stocks. We also talk a bit about the Fed's rate decision yesterday and how it appears to have affected the markets. Plus. I will go over what we are looking to buy and sell. What are we getting back into that we sold out of on Tuesday and what new stocks we bought today.

Thanx a lot for lostening and following along. if you want to keep the conversation going, follow us on Twitter @AwesomeStockPod

Episode 003: For 19 March 2018

John Adams

Looking at how the market opened today and going through some of the stocks we are looking at and buying on this Monday morning. Will the week be good for the market? Let's hope so.

Episode 001: 15 March 2018

John Adams

Episode 001: For March 15, 2018.
Welcome to the first episode. On this podcast, I will go over what my father and I are looking at in the market. What we decided to buy and sell and what we are hanging onto. I will also go over trends and where we think the market is heading and why, plus give a brief summary of where the market closed the night before and opened each morning.
Each episode is designed to be just 5-10 minutes long and will be just a summary of what happened at the open and what we looked at.

Episode -000.01: The Test Post and Introduction

John Adams


A short test of the RSS feed and an introduction to the new podcast.
My father and I play the stock market every single day and this podcast is put out for everyone to follow along with what we are looking at each day. This podcast will not endorse or give advice on any stocks.