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A group of Awesome Geeks who go all crazy on the podcast about Toys, Comics, Games, Movies, TV and everything else geeky. 

We geek out with creators in the Comic, Toy, Game and Film industries. Learn about their process and find out what they geek out about!

Super Awesome Geek Show

Episode 136 (sort of): A New Direction, not One Direction -but A Solo Act....

John Adams

I'm going to fly solo for a while. I explain, in this episode, about how I'm taking the podcast and YouTube channel in sort of a new direction here. It's just proving to be too difficult to record on a regular basis with our group of co-hosts that are now spread out all over the States. We’ll have special guests on as I can line them up and once in a while some of those special guests will be the previous co-hosts that you have come to know and love. This gives everyone the freedom they need/require with their daily lives and frees me up to be able to record with celebrity guests on their schedule instead of begging them to record on a weekend, when the rest of our co-hosts are free. So hopefully, this will mean more content for you, the listeners, on a more regular basis. Thanx a lot for sticking with us during the past year and this crazy long transition that we have gone through as we figured out what the heck we are all doing.. heheh.

Episode 132: Back in Action

John Adams

Sorry for being away a while, but we are now back in action with this new episode! We geek out briefly on Mission Impossible: Fallout, but then Christina and John just end up catching up some and you all get to listen to us ramble on! heheh.

Episode 131: The Star Wars Odyssey Fan Film

John Adams

We're geeking out Star Wars with Mark and Mitchell.
They've got something amazing coming down the pipe in the form of a Fan Film called Odyssey: A Star Wars Story!
Mark and Mitchell take us through the process of making a fan film, the props, the costumes and the talent behind making such a huge endeavor. It's Awesome!

Odyssey: A Star wars Story Trailer:

Episode 130: Avengers Infinity War & Star Wars Weekend!!!

John Adams

It's time to get your war on as we talk about two of the biggest wars around - Infinity War and Star Wars. We're geeking out after watching Avengers: Infinity War and having a great time celebrating Star wars with May the fourth and Revenge of the fifth ... or is that sixth!? Plus, we talk a little bit about a weird day known as Free Comic Book Day .. hmmm. Can that even be true!?

Episode 129: Sam Johnson and Geek Girl Comics

John Adams

Sam Johnson joins us today to talk about Ruby's adventures in Geek Girl Comics.
Sam lets us in on a behind the scenes look at the creative process behind making a comic book, we talk about Deadpool and how much has Doom Patrol influenced this incredible world of Geek Girl Comics!?
Make sure you check out the free comic coming May 5th for Free Comicbook Day!
Plus, did we tell you about the giant rabbits, yet? Stay tuned!

Sam Johnson and Geek Girl Comics:

Episode 126: A Wrinkle in Star Wars at Disney

John Adams

On this episode, Christina gets lost in a Wrinkle and John's brother gets him arrested by Captain Phasma!
Welcome to episode 126, where John and Christina talk about all the new Star Wars series that are coming out and they go on about A Wrinkle in Time. They also go into John's recent visit to Disney Hollywood Studios and all the Star Wars awesome that is there to see.

Episode 124: Wrestling with Movie Geeks

John Adams

Rob gets us talking Wrestling and then we geek out about movies some more! Who was your favorite wrestler of the 80's and 90's. Do you remember the action figures better than we do?

What do you think of the Solo teaser for the new Star Wars film? Mortal Engines? What about Battle Angel Alita!?
We geek out about all this and more on this exciting new episode of The Super Awesome Geek Show!

Episode 123: Movie Madness 2018

John Adams

John and Christina talk Movies today! 2018 is a huge year for a ton of franchises.
Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Jurassic Park, Predator and many others have films coming in 2018 that add to the franchises. It's an exciting year.
What do you want to go see? What will you pass on? Do you think all these movies are a good thing or is it just a bit too much? Well, sit back with your favorite drink and let's get to talking movies!