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The Vintage Geek's Rey & Kylo Fan Theory: Their Relationship and Parents

John Adams

The Vintage Geek's Rey & Kylo Fan Theory: Their Relationship and Parents

We are all wondering who Rey is in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. What is her connection, if any, to the Skywalker family, Luke, Han and Leia? We all know that there may be clues in some of the names chosen for the main characters in this episode of the beloved saga. So check this out. I was looking at the names for clues and came up with my own new theory ... as crazy as it sounds.

KYLO Ren is sKYwalker and soLO put together. We all get that was how the name was created and it is pretty-much confirmed by JJ, if I remember correct? So we know that JJ, Kathleen and the crew on TFA like to do this stuff. So, why wouldn't they have a clue in Rey's name as well!? SO let's get into some background first ... 

Now the Knights of Ren and the fall of Ben Solo...
What if some of the students Luke was teaching started falling in love with each other? Luke was never told about the "no attachments" rule (or we never saw that in a film). What if one student (or Luke, himself) finds a Jedi Holocron OR Luke speaks with a Yoda Force Ghost and talks about the students pairing up? Yoda (or Holocron) tells Luke of the "no attachments" rule and how Anakin's love for Padme' was the downfall for all Jedi. 

Luke takes this to heart because of the fall of his father. He knows first hand what happened when Anakin turned to become Vader because of his attachments. So Luke brings this up with his students and some of them - especially the ones deeply in love - revolt against Luke because of what to them is this "new rule".  The students who revolt become the Knights of Ren and go against Luke and the Jedi students who go along with this "no attachments" rule. We see this a bit in the vision Rey has when she touches the lightsaber.

Now, let's say that Ben (Kylo) had a GF or maybe even a wife. Let's say that GF or wife became pregnant, but did not tell Ben (Kylo) yet. Let's say she became pregnant right before the Knights of Ren take out the other trainees, so she never tells Ben (Kylo).  If something happens in the ensuring battle that lets Ben (Kylo) to believe she died, or some such, then when Ben (Kylo) leaves the planet after killing the students, HE would not know that she was pregnant with his child. Now let's say she lives and Luke may have taken Kylo's girl away to have the child in secret - heck maybe she is even appalled that Ben (Kylo) would even do such a thing as slaughter the students, we just don't have any info on that part, so this is all pure and total speculation. Anything could happen here to separate wife/child from Ben.

Let's go with Kylo does not know Rey was born - but just to be sure, Luke, Han and Leia hide her with Unkar Plott (who knows why you put a child with a crappy man like Unkar, but whatever - we saw it in the vision?). So, anyways, Kylo never finds her or even knows about Rey. 

So what if Rey is that child? What if Rey is Ben Solo's daughter? Making her Han and Leia's granddaughter and Luke's niece? Well, as we have seen, the Force "moves us and guides us" so, Rey is moved by the Force to meet Finn and start this adventure and her final mission will be to stop her father, Kylo Ren. Mirroring the original trilogy, which is what we all can plainly see they were doing with TFA and maybe this whole new trilogy.

See one thing that has always had be all wacked out is the ages we see in the vision of the people in that vision. Rey appears to be 8 or 10 and Kylo appears to be the same as we see him in the rest of TFA. His build seems the same in the vision as it does at the time of meeting Finn and Rey in the film.  The theory that Rey is Kylo's child makes the build of Kylo during the Jedi student slaughter make sense. It could have been 10 years ago and if Kylo was 18-20 at the time of the vision, He would only be 28-30 in TFA, so he could look how he looks (he just had the child at a young age - heheh). 

Rey's name is the clue just as the name Kylo has clue to his parents. Rey is REn and kYlo or REY - Knight of Ren; Kylo (as in Knight of the Round Table; Lancelot and Guinevere). So Kylo Ren (or Ben Solo) is Rey's Dad!  Aaaaaghhh!

Rey could have been 8-10 in the vision making her 18-20 in the film. So, Han and Leia are not parents but grandparents to Rey and that explains all the looks she gets from Han from time to time - and also the connection to Leia, even though she had never met her.

This also makes it so Luke is not her parent either. Which is what everyone expects and you know they won't do what we all expect. They are brilliant at throwing us all off target. ("stay on taret") So, what do you think? Could this be? Let's discuss.

For me - Well, even though I think this theory may fit, I still hope it is wrong and that Rey has no Skywalker/Solo connection at all and it's just through the Force that she feels connected to these people. I hope she is just a completely unknown character that has Force potential and is in no way related at all to any characters we have seen thus far. So in conclusion ... they better not ... (I hope I am wrong about this theory)

-John (the Vintage Geek and Host of The Super Awesome Geek Show)